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D  E  V  E  L  O  P  M  E  N  T
   T E L E V I S I O N    

"Sgt. Detective Dominick DiPaolo"

Tom Lupo
Creator / Executive Producer


In the gritty streets of Erie, Detective Sergeant Dominick DiPaolo stood tall as the city's premier homicide investigator. The year was 1983, and he had ascended the ranks, earning respect from his peers. Little did he know, his next assignment would thrust him into the heart of a mob-infested Little Italy, a place he'd been keeping a watchful eye on since his rookie days. The Chief himself handed DiPaolo a homicide case, and the victim was none other than Bolo, a shadowy figure from the criminal underbelly of the neighborhood. The motive seemed clear – Bolo's cash, a tempting target for Anthony Arnone aka Niggsy, a desperate gambler drowning in debt with time ticking away. Niggsy and Bolo shared a twisted history, having served time together for a fabricated robbery. Now, Niggsy aimed to crack open Bolo's safety deposit boxes, filled with the spoils of illicit sports betting and numbers game cash. It was Ray's and Bolo's hard-earned money that Niggsy craved.

The hired killer, Robert Dorler, left Bolo's lifeless body in the basement, throwing a wrench into the scheme. But Caesar Montevechio, with connections in the criminal underworld, got hold of Bolo’s box keys and passed them to Niggsy. Bolo was supposed to disappear, but Dorler couldn't lift his heavy body into the trunk of the caddy. With an insider at the bank, Niggsy's cousin Theresa, the plan was set to get the money. As Ray and Cye, Bolo's accomplices, searched for their missing partner, Niggsy seized the opportunity to steal the ill-gotten gains with Theresa's help. Detective DiPaolo, ever meticulous, tracked the criminal trio, gathering evidence of Niggsy's guilt. The District Attorney convened murder trials, resulting in guilty verdicts for Dorler and Montevechio. To everyone's surprise, Niggsy walked away, evading justice. DiPaolo, ordered to close the case, knew deep down Niggsy was guilty.

Ray, thirsting for revenge, tipped off DiPaolo about a paid woman juror from the Pittsburgh crime family in Niggsy’s trial. Unsatisfied with the legal outcome, Ray took matters into his own hands, determined to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. Little did Niggsy and Theresa know, the reckoning they faced was now in the hands of a vengeful Ray, ready to settle the score in the shadows of Little Italy. The stage was set for a dramatic and perilous showdown, with street justice hanging in the balance, and Detective DiPaolo caught in the crossfire of loyalty, betrayal, and a thirst for revenge in this gripping mob crime thriller.

A Tom Lupo Company


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