Tom Lupo

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Magnificent Pictures LLC
- Over Four Decades -

Tom Lupo | Founder | Executive Producer | Director
Orlando, FL

With over four decades of experience, Tom Lupo has forged creative partnerships with some of America's leading networks, studios, and executives, resulting in the development of unique intellectual property content that stands the test of time. Whether it's a feature film, television series, live stage performance, or internet protocol television (IPTV), Lupo possesses the creative acumen to tackle any production challenge. He is known for his ability to deliver results on time and within budget, harnessing opportunities in both the United States and global markets. Tom Lupo's unwavering commitment to upholding "Class A Production Standards" is evident in his keen focus on rapidly evolving technology platforms, exploration of emerging business models, and continuous collection of data on changing consumer viewing and interactive behaviors. He keeps a watchful eye on the ever-evolving landscape of competition across various media sectors.

Lupo's extensive lifetime experience allows him to swiftly adapt to the creative and business dynamics of the digital age, pioneering new strategies to gain deeper insights into audiences, products, services, and consumer behavior. This adaptability enables him to effectively provide and deliver content that capitalizes on evolving opportunities. In the industry, Tom Lupo's reputation is nothing short of extraordinary. He possesses the expertise to execute productions of various scales and has an extensive network of top-tier industry professionals, many of whom have contributed to renowned motion pictures and television productions over the past several decades.

Professional Services:
Specialization in "Class A Productions," "Branding Identity," and "Original Intellectual Property Creation" from "Concept to Completion."Creator, Executive Producer, Director, Art Director for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Sony, Walt Disney, Paramount, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Discovery, A&E, MTV, and leading Fortune 100 Corporations.



Whether it's a multimillion dollar production budget or small scale production, we work diligently  to ensure that we get the best results for the budget. Essential to every creative kick-off is the question – where do we see the money on screen? For the biggest production value, we scale the scope to work within the budget needs.

This is where all of our pre-production efforts pay off. The script is written, we’ve casted the best actors, hired a talented production crew, the locations have been selected, and the storyboards are laid out. Production is where we execute on a well thought out creative plan. Our team of producers will ensure that the production, and the know-how through the process, will be a success. In addition to having some of the most talented creative minds and craftspeople in the business.

Post Production
Editing: This is where the story unfolds. Even if we shoot to a well-planned set of storyboards, things often change and get better during the edit, the pace and the tone are often defined for the final cut. It’s an exciting phase that leads to many creative opportunities incorporating music, style, structure, composition, etc. We begin to feel what an audience will feel.

Music: The anchor to a scene that drives pace and emotion. Choosing the right music can make or break a production. There are many routes to pairing a fantastic composition to a production: needle-drop, composing, paying known artists. We work with amazing composers who can fit a score perfectly with the visuals — this option costs more but is often well worth it. If budget allows, bringing a known popular song can create more excitement than anything else. It’s the most expensive option, but worth it.

Motion Graphics / Animation
When the rough edit is completed the graphics and animating phase begins. Motion graphics and animation are costly to produce, the overall edit is defined as much as possible. When compositing graphics into live-action footage, we cut footage to be nearly final before we begin the process of incorporating graphics. We develop assets and animate separately from the cut and then composite as one of the last steps to be sure the scene will not be changed or removed.

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